FZH – The world of firearms

The FZH Waffen GmbH is your trusted and reliable partner when it comes to rifles. Since 1987, the family-run company is engaged in the design of machines according to customer requirements as well as in contract manufacturing. In 1998, the portfolio was expanded to include rifles and the world-renowned Mauser Action M 98. Our own specialist shop for hunters and marksmen, the repair workshop, the shooting simulator and courses round off the offering.

Our wide range of services

Mauser Action 98

Production of the popular Mauser 98 bolt-action rifle in our own production facility.

Specialist shop

Sale of used and new rifles and accessories for hunting and sport shooting.


Repair by competent gunsmith in our own workshop.


Courses for hunters and marksmen.

Shooting simulator

State-of-the-art shooting simulator for hunters and marksmen.

Shooting for everyone

Learn how to shoot in the state-of-the-art shooting simulator, celebrate in the bistro!